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LIVE IN 15 MINUTES “Your Assignment Req

LIVE IN 15 MINUTES “Your Assignment Requires Planning.” Today at 2pm learn 5 focus principles that will make a difference in your planning and 7 important keys in planning that will help you to finish strong in achieving your goals for 2013. To listen by Phone call (646) 929-2431. To listen digitally (internet, tablet, smart phone, laptop) use the link below.

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Understanding Your Calling ministry trai

Understanding Your Calling ministry training is a program designed to assist Christian leaders and believers who are called by God to complete an assignment in understanding their gifts and callings to discover, develop and deliver their greatest potential in service and victorious living.

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We are well pass half of this year, are

We are well pass half of this year, are you on track with your goals, dreams and visions? If not, I encourage you not to Lose Sight Of The Vision! It’s your time to regroup and refocus to finish strong. Are You Game?

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At times, Understanding Your Calling mea

At times, Understanding Your Calling means being called to pastor without having a church, being called to preach without having your first message yet, or being called to leadership without any followers. Launching late August – “Understanding Your Calling” Ministry Training/Coaching program.

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Your challenge for today! Build others u

Your challenge for today! Build others up. As often as you can, make an effort to encourage, support and compliment the people you encounter each day. That goes for people you know as well as strangers you meet in your daily travels. The more you focus on emphasizing the positive in others the more likeable you’re going to be, and the better you’re going to feel about yourself too!

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Build yourself up. Think and speak posit

Build yourself up. Think and speak positively to and about yourself every day. Most of us are in the habit of talking down to ourselves, which leaves us feeling hopeless, frustrated and pessimistic. Get into the habit of building yourself up with positive self-talk and positive thoughts. Affirm your good qualities and downplay your negative qualities. Affirm that you are a work in progress; not perfect but great nonetheless! Good night!

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A positive attitude turns you into a per

A positive attitude turns you into a person that everyone wants to be with; a person that constantly experiences great things, and a person who loves their life! Do you want to be that kind of person?

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