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“Finishing Strong” – Vision and Goals Telecall Series

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

As we approach this end of 2010 it is now time to focus on our accomplishments so
far this year and to refocus on those goals and assignments that have not been

Remember, the YEAR IS NOT OVER YET!  You still have time to refresh the vision
and to refocus your goals to “finish strong” this year.

I have designed a special Telecall Series beginning December 13, 2011 for 5
to help you to finish strong this year!  This series will be 5 days of 30 minutes
early morning calls from 6:30 am to 7:00 am CST
focused on specific areas
each day to help you to assess and refocus any goals you had for this year  that
have not been completed. You will learn strategies to get back on track with your
goals and to move into the new year with a “refreshed” vision and targeted goals.

The 5 days of “Finishing Strong” – Vision and Goal Setting telecalls will
After this 5 days “Finishing Strong” telecall series you will be Motivated
and Focused
to see the manifestation of your dreams, assignments, callings,
careers and businesses for 2011.

Dec 13th –  Keep Your Attention On What You Want
Dec 14th –  Developing Plans and A Planning Guide
Dec 15th –   Breaking Your Goal Into Smaller Pieces
Dec 16th –   Choosing The Right Focus
Dec 17th –   Back Up Plans

Register Now for the telecall series.  There are a limited number of bridge lines
available for this series.


Register at

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