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Happy New Year! New Decade!

January 14, 2020 Leave a comment

Where did the time go? This past year, 2019, was a trying one emotionally, spiritually and professionally. By the end of 2019 I realized one thing – things can not continue the same way in 2020. So, I made a commitment to myself to “launch out into the deep” for a bigger catch – for greater works!

It has been awhile since I have blogged. I have decided to make blogging one of my continued activities in pursuing greater works in the earth. Writing, speaking, coaching/counseling and teaching are main areas used to get my message across to the masses and for people to experience the gifts and talents entrusted to me by God.

What’s New in 2020?

What’s new in 2020 is my “Greater Commitment” to my divine assignment and calling. I am committed to doing the following:

  • Writing More!
  • Teaching More!
  • Training More!
  • Preaching and Speaking More!
  • Helping More People To Become Certified Life Coaches and Ministers!
  • Just Doing More!

What Are Your Commitments For 2020?

Happy New Year!

Revive Me Again, O Lord!

July 23, 2018 3 comments


It has been some time since I have written on my blog. This year so far has been one that has required me to focus on others. My dad had some medical challenges at the beginning of the year and I did some traveling with him to make sure he would be okay (not to mention I got a trip out of it). He still has some challenge with getting his blood count number up, but things seem to be going well. If you know of any foods he can eat to bring the number up, please post below. I will be very appreciative for any information that will help him. 

After doctor appointments and several trips (fun trips!), I find myself saying the words that can be found in Psalm 51:10-12, “Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me. Do not banish me from your presence,  and don’t take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.”

I know my life’s purpose and assignment and my prayer now is to be restore with joy and renewed with a loyal spirit.  I love my family, but it is mid-July and time for me to regroup and refocus on what I am suppose to be doing in the earth. I have a trip planned in September that will bring a “time of refreshing” opportunity so that I can “get myself together!”

Keep me in your prayers as I finish this year strong and on top.

Psalm 51-12

Striving For Excellence in Ministry D7- Better Time Management Tips

October 6, 2014 4 comments

Special Teaching by Minister Ginger London

Special Teaching by Minister Ginger London







Better time management need not be elusive and can be as easy as following a few simple and basic steps.  What you won’t find here is rocket science but techniques that you can apply and begin seeing results from.

You can start by evaluating what you currently do.  If you’re not already writing down your time management goals for the day, then there’s mistake number one right there.  Writing down your plans gives you a clear purpose and objective to achieve. “And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”~ Habbakkuk 2:2.  If you don’t write them down it’s easy to lose track of the tasks you need to accomplish for the day getting you behind schedule.  The act of writing your goals and putting pen to paper also makes it real and gives you a greater sense of accountability than if it were just an idea alone.

Keeping a clear and detailed journal or diary chronicling your progress will give you tangible evidence of what works and what doesn’t creating a continuing basis to improve upon.  Since no system or method is flawless in itself, the maintenance of a journal allows you to re-evaluate your strategy until it’s perfect, or near enough.  So it’s important to write it down.

Don’t rush. Trying to cram in as much as possible during a limited window of opportunity doesn’t get things done, in fact it tends to have the complete reverse effect. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV) says, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”  So, never try to rush through your tasks to completion throughout the day.  This kind of strategy can backfire and leave you having to back-peddle and fix things you may have neglected by cutting corners.

A great way to get the most from your time is to trim your day of unnecessary steps.  It’s incredible just how much time is wasted with unnecessary processes.  If you want to achieve better time management you will need to eliminate any steps that are not critical to the completion of a task.  These extra steps often add time to the clock and hinder your ability to be effective and efficient. So, if there are any steps that undermine your potential to achieve better time management, those steps have to go!

Avoid any temptation to overwork yourself.  The fact remains that when you work for too long or too hard, all you really end up doing is overexerting yourself making you more unproductive.  Taking a little rest break or day off now and then will lead to better results in the long-term.  You need to recharge your batteries to stay at the top of your game and there’s nothing like coming back into a challenging situation or problem with a fresh pair of rested eyes. The first part of Psalm 37:7 (KJV) says, “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him.”







Striving For Excellence in Ministry D4 – The Heart of Ministry

October 4, 2014 2 comments

Colorful Heart



Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (KJV).

“I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me” (Good News Translation).



Today’s article focuses on your heart. God has called you to serve someone. Who are they? Where are they? How can you serve them better?

The heart of ministry is servanthood.  Servanthood comes from the heart. Your heart is God’s position for righteousness. Out of your heart the issues of life are settled.  When your heart is right toward God and your desire is to please God, in ministry God is obligated to bring you into the knowledge and the company of the people you need to know that are critical for your success and destiny in ministry service.

In ministry service there are four reasons why the conditioning of your heart is so important:

  1. It determines whether or not you will be used of God.
  2. It determines whether or not your faith will work.
  3. It determines whether or not God will bless you.
  4. It determines whether or not God hears you when you pray.

In the heart of ministry a good leader will set an example and live what he/she teaches, will give permission to other people to be who God has created them to be, allow others to follow the path God has ordered for their lives, and will send their love and light to others without the ego getting involved.

Would you like to have a heart for ministry? In a series of questions you will be able to identify, discover, or refresh what makes your heart sing in ministry.

1. What awakens your soul in ministry?

2. What are you passionate about in ministry?

3. Who do you want to help in ministry?

4. What have you mastered in ministry that excites you and fills your heart?

5. What gives you a spiritual source of meaning in ministry when you do it?


Prayer – “Father, You are my strength and my shield, O Lord. You are my saving strength. When I walk in You, I walk in strength. Your grace is all I need. Your wonderful strength is made perfect in my weakness. Thank you for being there always to stand with me in ministry, business and life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Striving For Excellence In Ministry D2 – The Power of Compassionate Ministry

October 2, 2014 3 comments


Compassion is identifying with someone else’s needs by doing for them what you would want them to do for you if you were in their shoes.

Compassion is the key to earnest ministry. Having a spirit of excellence in ministry means functioning in ministry out of a heart of compassion for people and ministry, not with the cold hands of duty. You should have a sensitive, compassionate motivation. The compassion you have will be your spiritual empowerment for the task God has assigned to you.

When striving for excellence in ministry, you must have a love for people. You can’t hate people and say that you are doing excellent ministry work. God is love and compassion is a characteristic of God. When you are striving for excellence in ministry you move past the saying “I’m tired of church folks” and move in ministry from a position of compassion.

In ministry, compassion is the cure for selfishness and the energy for giving.

One of the most important elements of ministry is to minister with the wisdom and compassion of God. You should not rush to do ministry without careful consideration and godly wisdom.

Those who unlock your compassion are those to whom you have been assigned ~Mike Murdock.

5 Facts About Compassion To Help You In Ministry

  1. Everyone is hurting somewhere – they many not always show it because the things that make people cry often embarrasses them.
  2. Those around you have painful experiences that they are not discussing with you or anyone else – their decisions about everything are being made to avoid the continuance of the pain.
  3. You may be the only compassionate healer that ever crosses someone’s path during their lifetime – Listen to the Holy Spirit. When you concentrate on the needs of others, God will focus on your needs.
  4. Uncommon passion must come from the Holy Spirit – ask the Holy Spirit for special compassion for those to whom you are assigned.
  5. Your compassion affects the destiny of thousands – compassion is the intense desire to heal the hurting.


Day 2 Assignment:

1. When you think of compassion what comes to mind?

2. How would you rate your compassion in ministry on a scale of one to ten with ten being very compassionate?

3. Read the following scriptures – Psalm 78:38; 2 Peter 1:4, and Galatians 3:14


Maximizing Success Kit

September 5, 2014 Leave a comment

87 Off 2nd Pic

2014 Maximizing Success Kit

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Proclamation! Enlarging Your Territory with Your Message

Proclamation Website Header


**Attention ministers, evangelists, psalmist, spiritual teachers, pastors, authors, speakers, trainers, healers, experts, Christian entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, life coaches, information teachers/speakers and messengers…**

Does God want you to reach more people with your message? Does God want you to do more with the gift and message He has entrusted to you?
Your voice is powerful! You have been created to do greater works and you have been given one of the best and greatest gifts given to mankind to create, shape and transform the lives of others, as well as, your own life. This gift is called “Proclamation!” – the ability to declare and decree – to speak.
You know IT’S YOUR TIME and YOUR TURN to proclaim your message, but you’re at a loss on how to do it as big as you are feeling it in your spirit on the inside. My upcoming teleseminar will help you.
Join me for my upcoming teleseminar training – PROCLAMATION! This specialized training is July 14 & 15, 2014. Register here.
This 2-day teleseminar ……
On Day 1 will help you in Discovering Your Compelling Message – You will learn how to craft and structure your compelling message identifying your winningidea, how to quickly become someone they know, like and trust and my private strategy and steps for creating, developing and monetizing your message staying in the spirit to deliver it.
On Day 2 will help you with Delivering Your Message – Creating Your Content, Strategies and Ideas. You will learn how to become a creative powerhouse, the 3 types of content you must create and how to create them, 7 ways you can communicate with your audience, packaging and pricing your content as a spirit-filled business/ministry so it’s attractive and useful, getting started with blogs, teleseminars, webinars, radio shows and more.
Teleseminar Details:
Dates: July 14 & 15, 2014
Registration Fee: $69 per person
Location: By Telephone
“FREEDOM DAY SPECIAL!” If you register before July 6th the registration fee will be just $49. That’s $20 off the regular registration. Don’t miss this “freedom day” special, don’t miss this training.
Being Spirit-led and filled,
Minister Ginger London

The Making of a Spiritual Diamond – Rough and Uncut 05/08 by TheGingerLondonShow | Spirituality Podcasts

Join me LIVE @8:30PM CST for “The Making of a Spiritual Diamond – Rough and Uncut.”

To listen by phone call (646) 929-2431. To listen by internet use the link below.

The Making of a Spiritual Diamond – Rough and Uncut 05/08 by TheGingerLondonShow | Spirituality Podcasts.

GTGMT #13 No More Excuses

January 15, 2014 Leave a comment


One of the spiritual definitions that I like for excuse is “a cowardly expression which seeks the release from an obligation, assignment, responsibility or negative consequences due to a lack in performance” (Bishop I. V. Hilliard, modified).

An excuse is your blessing blocker, it stands between you and divine creativity. It robs you of your development by not making a demand on your potential. An excuse denies God the avenue to “show off” in your life.

Here are six (6) facts about excuses:

1.  They minimize the lack of ability for the present moment.

2.  They maximize the difficult task at hand.

3.  They provide you with a calm of innocence (“I didn’t know”).

4.  They are a spiritual smoke screen (using something spiritual to back it up).

5.  They claim importance on an unimportant commitment.

6.  They cause social deprivation (hiding behind hurt).

God loves you enough to move beyond any of your excuses.

To live an excuse free life you must understand and  practice several things. First, determine God’s Will for your life and refuse to get off course no matter what happens or comes up. Second, get a clear understanding your what your part is. Do your part and let God do the rest. Third, develop your faith for the situation – without faith it is impossible to please God. Fourth, develop a plan of action to carry out your assignment or to achieve a particular goal. Lastly, be willing to make sacrifices to succeed.

Just on the other side of your excuse is the MIRACLE MOVE OF GOD you need.





Spiritual Diamonds on “Character”

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