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Striving For Excellence In Ministry D9 – What Does Good Leadership Look Like?

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Great leadership doesn’t require a diploma or a degree. It’s not reserved for some elite group of people.

Leadership can be something for everyone to embrace, from administrative assistant to janitor to manager to CEO. Sometimes all it requires is a shift in mindset: interpreting frustrations at work as opportunities instead of barriers.

Maybe it’s time for all of us to step up, to take action and become a leader and, with the support of other great leaders, help make the ministry, business or company (and yourself) succeed.

What Does Good Leadership Look Like?

Leadership is about so much more than strategy, operations and marketing. It’s about discovering and understanding each team member’s potential (as well as your own) and finding ways to tap into that resource, something many leaders fall short in doing.

Leadership, spiritually, means one who has vision and the ability to inspire others to get involved in the vision, using their creativity and energy to make the vision a reality.

Leaders have to dream. At times, dreamers intimidate others because they shed  light on other’s inability to see farther than just today.  Where you rest determines what you dream. What you dream determines what you become.

Five Qualities To Look For In A Leader:

1.   Ability to comprehend.

2.  Discipline to stay on course.

3.  Ability to attract others to join pursuit.

4.  Ability to train and develop others.

5.  Ability to motivate and not manipulate.

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