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Releasing Your Potential To The Next Level

In the Body of Christ it is widely understood that every life has a purpose. Thanks to Pastor Myles Monroe of the Bahamas who back in the 1990’s propelled this to the forefront for the believers, by teaching/preaching on Understanding Purpose.

Because of his teaching believers everywhere started to seek God for their life’s purpose or life’s assignment. The believers where praying to God seeking God’s direction for their lives like never before.

Several years later, Pastor Rick Warren came along with the Purpose Driven Life book. Believers moved from discovering their purpose to desiring to live a purposeful life. As a result of both of these teachings there are more believers on the move now than ever before. There are more Christian business owners, authors, non-profit organizations, churches, and more people in place in the five-fold ministry. And we have some believers who have not moved yet.

Yet, there is still another level. How many of you have heard God saying “Launch Out Into The Deep?” How many of you have heard God saying, “It’s time to do more?” It’s time to go to the next level!

It may be safe to say that right when you were about to launch out, ready to do more, ready to go to the next level the enemy sent problems to distract and discourage you? He sent problems to get in the way of the vision. He wanted to scare you from doing more. He wanted to paralyze you with fear. But thanks be to God the Bible says – “God does not give you a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.

I want you to take a moment to charge the atmosphere by saying…..

“I’m not scared! I’m no longer scared! In the name of Jesus, Fear Be Gone!

In my spirit, I hear the Lord saying, “fear not.” Don’t be afraid to do what God has called you to do. At times, problems, crisis situations, and the like will occur in your life at the moment you decide to go forth. Don’t stop or become afraid because these are just “temporary interruptions in the plan.” They aren’t permanent, they are only for a season. Don’t buckle under pressure but brace yourself for the faith fight. There aren’t any problems that you and God cannot overcome.

When it’s time to release your potential to the next level there are three areas of your potential and assignment that must be strengthen and in place.

1. Next Level Faith – trusting in the supernatural power of God to propel you to the next level. Faith can only be released where the will of God is known. Faith teaches you how to make the choice to believe God’s Word, how to have a natural plan of action, and how to put pressure on the Word of God.

2. Faithful – means the ability to hold the course. God rewards those who are faithful. It means to have passion for your assignment. Know that your assignment is important to God. Being faithful teaches you to be consistent in your confession. It teaches you to consume your life with praise.

3. Next Level Faith Fruit – teaches you how to expect and receive tangible, touchable manifested things that your faith produces. The quality of your stewardship determines whether or not you can handle more. “When you are faithful over little, the Lord will make you ruler over much.”

Are you ready to go to the next level? If not, What’s holding you back?

This is an excerpt from the “Understanding Your Calling” System and “Understanding Your Calling Next Level Success Program.”

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