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A Woman of Excellence


Who can find a virtuous woman? Can a woman find her within herself? Can any thing good come out of “being a woman?”  These are questions that a woman can be faced with culturally, professionally, and personally.  Fortunately, the only true answers to these questions are found in the Word of God and in the life of a godly woman.

Virtue is the integrity, goodness, effectiveness, honor, power, strength, righteousness, excellence, and worth of a woman. It is a powerful quality. Virtue is the openness for a woman to be whole and holy with everyone she relates to.  It is the “point of difference” in comparison to others.

A woman of virtue is a good woman.  She is trusted (v.11), she works willingly with her hands (v.13), strength and honor are her clothing (v.25), she fears the Lord (v.30), and her own works praise her (v.31). Her virtue is profitable to all.

To a woman’s faith, which is her confidence in divine truths, the quality virtue should be added (II Peter 1:5).  To her virtue should be added knowledge, (II Peter 1:5), which is an understanding and the thorough participation in a godly life.

Virtue is a quality found in a “woman of excellence.”

Prayer: Lord, help me to become a virtuous woman, a woman of excellence.

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