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The Company You Keep – Do Friends Hold You Back

667-Space-800x600What kind of people do you hang out with? Do you feel you’re losing connection with them because you’re into self growth and development and they aren’t? Are you striving to make improvements in your life, but somehow can’t seem to get your momentum going? What’s holding you back?

Sometimes, in personal growth you’re faced with the question of why you hold yourself back. The answer can be simple or it can be very complex and often a deep-seeded issue. You may think there’s something wrong with you.

It’s been said that your personality and your financial situation will match your five closest friends. Look around and see if that’s where you want to be or if you want to have more than that. It’s likely that you do want more or you wouldn’t be working so hard on yourself. However, you may unconsciously be holding yourself back from fear of leaving them behind. Or maybe it bothers you that they may not see you as the same when you reach a certain level of success. In reality, you won’t be the same. You will be a better person. Anyone who deliberately tries to hold you back, by making snide remarks or even making fun of you, isn’t really your friend.

It’s hard to leave people behind when you’ve grown beyond them. However, it’s not your responsibility to pull them along unless they want to follow your lead. Life is about growth and changes. If your current friends are content to remain where they are, you need to think about yourself and where you want to be. This is not a selfish act. It is merely striving to be the best you can. You know you want more in life. You know you can do better in life. Stop letting your friends or even your past with them stand in your way.

It’s possible that some of them will be very proud of you and your accomplishments. Some of them may stop being friends with you. That only opens the door for other friends to step in. You will not end up friend-less, you will find other friends that are more aligned with your new personality and your new ideals.

The people who really care about you will support you. Those who get angry and stop speaking to you are the ones being selfish. It’s likely that they don’t want to put forth the effort to change themselves, so it becomes easier if they try to hold you back.

Take a good inventory of your friends and decide who supports you and who doesn’t. Value the ones who support you and let go of the ones who don’t. You’ll be much happier and have less worries in the long run.

It will be difficult in the beginning. You may even grieve for these lost friends, but holding yourself back from your destination or your destiny will only make you feel worse. Strive for the best, strive to be your best. You will find new friends who support you in your endeavors.

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