Refreshing Myself Part 2 – I Deserve To Be Happy

October 18, 2014 2 comments

Refreshing Fruit

Today is Saturday and I have decided to not focus on my car, because it is repaired and I have it back now. This weekend is my refreshing myself weekend. Before I close out the year strong I am going back into my own teachings to see what I need to refresh my life with.

I found a lesson affirmation from one of my “Got To Get Myself Together Challenges” called “I Deserve To Be Happy.” Here is an excerpt from it.

I Deserve To Be Happy

Everyone deserves to be happy and successful, including me. I know that happiness and success are things that I create in my life. So I purposely take certain actions that facilitate my happiness and success.

I also focus on the good things that life has to offer rather than spending my energy bemoaning my challenges.

I am a good person. I do many fine things. I am kind, generous, and I work hard. All these things contribute to the joy and fulfillment in my life.

I deserve to experience great happiness on a daily basis. I am certainly worthy of it. I remind myself of all my blessings on a regular basis and find it easy to experience happiness.

Even if happiness and success try to elude me, I know that I can catch them. I have all the ability I need. I have all the talent I require.

Success and happiness are mine!

I see success over and over in my life. I use my past successes to provide confidence now. Success and excellence are a part of who I am.

Today, I take positive steps to ensure my happiness and success. I spend time doing things I love to do. I surround myself with loving people. I renew my commitment to my goals. And I deserve to be happy and successful.

My encouragement: I have the talent I require.

Refreshing Myself – Part 1

October 18, 2014 1 comment


It’s the weekend and I feel like I need to do something to regain my composure. Maybe you are like me and this past week alone included some things you didn’t plan for or expect. It all started last week when I had to get the wheel bearing on my car repaired. The thing that zapped the life out of me was the cost to have them repaired – $370 for one side – OMG! What! Of course, I needed both sides repaired. This alone will zap your energy completely from you – (smiles).

So what do I do? I started by getting the car repaired and I topped it off with the 10 pc chicken nuggets special at Burger King with some value fries. That should do the trick, or so I thought. When I experience unexpected expenses all sorts of things start running through my mind like, “do I need wheel bearing on the car?” – “how long can I drive the car before I HAVE to repair them?”  and so on. But wait! When the mechanic looked at my car not only did I need to replace the wheel bearings, but wouldn’t you know it – my brakes needed to be repaired. I will say it again, WHAT!

As a minister and entrepreneur, I started thinking about what I needed to do to encourage myself. What came mind was to use some of my own teachings to encourage myself. Surely if it helps others it can help me. I remembered that I did a teaching a few years back on “Don’t Lose Sight of The Vision,” so I opened the document and started reading and here is what resonated with my spirit to encourage myself at this time.

Don’t Lose Sight of The Vision

In the Message Bible there is a passage of scripture found in Mark 8:22-25 which reads, “They arrived at Bethsaida. Some people brought a sightless man and begged Jesus to give him a healing touch. Taking him by the hand, he led him out of the village. He put spit in the man’s eyes, laid hands on him, and asked, “Do you see anything?” He looked up. “I see men. They look like walking trees.” So Jesus laid hands on his eyes again. The man looked hard and realized that he had recovered perfect sight, saw everything in bright, twenty-twenty focus.”

There are times in pursing your life’s purpose or pursuing success when your vision can become cloudy or a little unclear, especially if you are taking a leap of faith to the next level. Having unclear vision about your next step could be the launching pad you need to boldly go forth into something bigger and better than where you are. Your challenge is to hold firmly to your vision as you go to the next level. In other words, don’t lose sight of the vision. Keep the vision before you by refreshing it.

In this passage of scripture there are several things that took place to help this man receive his sight. From this passage of scripture here are some practical strategies you can apply to your journey as you go to the next level in your business, ministry or life.

Strategies To Help Keep The Vision In Sight

  1. Start by asking yourself the question – Can I See Anything Now?

If you only have a glimpse, remember the important thing is being able to see something.

  1. Acknowledge that you can see something and then write down what you see even if it doesn’t make much sense to you right now.

Writing down what you see puts your vision in plain sight. This helps you to stay focused.

  1. Take yourself outside of the comfort zone of family and friends so that you can position yourself to receive   clear vision and directions.

You may have to isolate yourself for a season to refocus.

  1. Pray for another touch.

Through prayer and supplication you make your request known unto God. Spend time in prayer, meditation and the Word of God to receive another touch to make your vision clear.

My encouragement is number 4 – Pray for another touch.

Here’s to a great weekend!

The History of Alligators Infographic

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Today I watched a replay of one of the Gator Boys shows that airs on Animal Planet. This show is about people who rescue alligators from the backyards and ponds where people live. While watching an episode I remembered that I had an infographic on the history of alligators. Here it is.


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The Truth About Procrastination Infographic

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Teaching and Coaching Ministry of Ginger London, MA, BCC

Teaching and Coaching Ministry of Ginger London, MA, BCC

Striving For Excellence In Ministry D15- Champion Mindset Infographic

October 14, 2014 2 comments
Champion Mindset Teaching Ministry of Ginger London, MA,BCC

Champion Mindset
Teaching Ministry of Ginger London, MA,BCC

Striving For Excellence D14- Being Honest With Products and Services

October 13, 2014 2 comments






Being fair and honest to others is actually known as the trait of showing integrity. This includes not deceiving people and being honest when asked for your opinion on a topic. Have you ever made excuses for not going somewhere? This is not showing integrity at all.

People who display integrity are often viewed as a leader and someone to take note of. If your goal is to be seen as a winning person then this is a trait that you really want to demonstrate. The best way to be seen in this light is to work on becoming a role model for people. Eventually people will make a point of searching for you.

It can be difficult to give people your honest opinion. They may not like what they hear but it is your opinion. In time people will come to respect and honor your opinions. You will become a person that they can trust.

Trust is a huge issue when it comes to the business world. Never try to cheat a customer for your own good. For example if you have received a defective product and you think that they won’t see the defect, don’t try to sell it to them. Instead the right course of action is for you to return the product even if it means you will be out of stock. You inform the customer that there is a defect and you will order one in for them and will let them know when it arrives.

The customer immediately sees you as an honest business person and will appreciate your honesty. They may offer to buy the defective product if it doesn’t affect the performance. That becomes their decision and at least you made them aware of the issue.

People who are sincere have an open mind and know what they want to get out of life and they take the right steps to achieve their goals. They are also viewed as people who are humble and are not just in it for their own benefit.

This group of people often help others with their time. They help raise money or just give their time to sponsor a cause that they truly believe in. Their act of sincerity often leads others to do the same thing – they have become a role model.

Striving For Excellence In Ministry D13 – Being A Responsible Person In Life

October 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Being Responsible Red

The word responsible means being the person who has caused something to happen. Of course this could be a good or a bad thing depending upon the circumstances. Have you ever caused something to happen and not taken responsibility for it?

Many people have done exactly this and have not owned up. A person with a ministry or winner’s mindset will actually own up and take responsibility. In reality it is part of human nature to cause things to happen. Sometimes these are not intentional acts and you may feel bad over a certain outcome.

Being responsible means that you will own up regardless of the outcome, but this is not always an easy thing to do. Once the outcome has been revealed it can be difficult to say that you were the cause of it.

As well as being the cause of an issue or circumstance, being responsible also means that you have the power to make things better. When you look at things from this viewpoint you can see that confessing or owning up may be easier than you think.

You owe it to your congregation, audience, clients, patients, and/or family to act responsibly. By doing this you are teaching other people good habits and you are helping them to accept responsibility for their actions by making your life a living epistle for all men to read.

Making decisions and choices is also connected to responsibility. It is quite easy to put off making a particular decision because you are worried or fearful of the consequences. There may be other people who will be affected by this decision and by putting it off, you are not helping them.

Instead, you need to be responsible to yourself and to others by taking the bull by the horns and making a tough decision. You may not be able to please everyone but you need to make the right choice for you.

By actually taking action and doing something you are being responsible. Once you have made this decision you need to be strong enough to follow it through. On the way you may meet with obstacles and roadblocks. You need to hold strong with your conviction and stay with your original decision.

When you can do this you will be on your way to being a very responsible person.


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